God Is, As Me

God Is, As Me, by Rev. Dr. Laura V Grace

Joel Goldsmith, mystic, author, and teacher of The Infinite Way, gave a powerful lecture in 1956 in Johannesburg titled “As, Is and Am.” It is available on Youtube.com and provided a turning point in my awareness about the truth of my being. After listening and re-listening to this talk one sunny afternoon while riding my bike under the beautiful tree canopy on Amelia Island, it finally struck “home.” After months of meditating hours every day, I finally experienced the profound truth that Goldsmith was instructing his students: God Is, As Me. Meaning, we are each God, appearing as physical form. We are microcosms of the Macrocosm.

Though I had understood this wisdom intellectually for years, it became an actual lived experience earlier this year. Feeling deeply moved by this revelation, I stopped my bike, laid it on the ground, then leaned up against a tree that was more than 300 years old to breathe in this truth. The vision of a white light flowing from the bottom of the brain stem up and out through the crown of the head appeared. Interestingly, I later discovered from Kriya Yoga that this is exactly where the Medulla Oblongata resides. Kriya Yoga explains how universal energy flows in through the medulla oblongata which supplies the body with life force energy. It sits at the base of the skull where the brain stem and spinal cord connect. God’s energy flows into this part of our brain and connects with the third eye where energy is stored then rises through the crown chakra referred to as the “thousand petal lotus.”

During this morning’s meditation, the white light vision reappeared as I felt energy flow into my medulla area and up into my third eye. About an hour into meditation, I re-experienced the truth that God Is, As Me. All bodily sensations dissolved as light expanded in the interior region of my mind and I was lifted to another plane of consciousness. From here, I could “see” each of us as God-Selves where no suffering of any kind resided, just pure divine perfection.

As I journal about today’s profound experience, I am clear that no matter the appearance of another’s physical, mental, or spiritual suffering, the truth is, every human being possesses this Divine Light. But we have become so hypnotized by our false selves that we have lost sight of our God-Selves. Therefore, my current focus remains on GOD IS, AS ME (and everyone else) and to see beyond all false appearances. Daily practice continues to keep this truth in the forefront of my thinking. This may be the one of the greatest breakthroughs we will ever have. To see beyond what our physical eyes see, is monumental and changes the entire course of our lives. It is an essential part of awakening and the process of Self-Realization.

With Great Love for Your Inner Divinity,



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