The Cycle of LIFE-DEATH-LIFE and the Wild Woman Archetype

Greetings Friend:women arms raised

Life is a series of cycles, a continuous unfolding pattern of Life-Death-Life spirals that possess the power to carry us deeper into the female soul and feminine spirit. In her unforgettable creation Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes beautifully illustrates this dynamic playing out in the Wild Woman archetype. She is the Life-Death-Life force, the female soul and source of the feminine. As we learn to embrace the Life-Death-Life nature we are able to hold the space for the necessary deaths and surprising births with grace rather than resistance. In our culture, the Life part of living is supported, however, the Death part of living is too often misunderstood and feared. And yet, unless we accepting the dying embers from each passage of life, we cannot create sufficient space for new initiations to commence.

Presently, I am experiencing both a significant death and a new life. In August, I will complete the final year of graduate coursework in a depth psychology and somatic program. It is a big Death. I am saying farewell to some amazing people who have bravely traveled this road with me for three years, a road fraught with shadow, unexpected psychological potholes and startling bursts of transformation.

On the other side of the same coin, I am entering a new phase of Life. Having passed all of the requirements, I have received my Master’s degree and am now entering the realm of dissertation as scholar and Ph.D. Candidate.  And as with so many other former beginnings, I am filled with much excitement, anxiety and hope.

If you can relate and would like to share a piece of your current Life-Death-Life journey, I would love to hear from you. Sharing stories from the soul is healing and cultivates the fertile soil for the Wild Woman to rise up and regenerate her qualities of connectedness, creativity and passion.

In honor of the feminine spirit within us all, may your LIFE-DEATH-LIFE journey be authentically soulful.



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