Significant Success from Creating Your Invisible Inner Council



Interested in evolving your relationships, elevating your career, improving your physical well-being, generating more abundance…or, all of the above? Although I’ve never been a believer in short-cuts, there is a method that works amazingly well and is quite simple: Create an Invisible Inner Council. WHAAAT?

Let me give you an example.

There was a time when my beloved husband was experiencing some professional frustration. It was something that reared its head every so often, a cycle that seemed to ensue without warning. He is self-employed and there were period of times when business would flow in, then without warning, dry up, nada, nothing. This happened so often that we began to explore every possible issue; self-sabotaging patterns, not feeling deserving of abundance, the economy, fear of success, fear of failure and so forth.

Finally, after years of a masculine approach to business—trying to make things happen—he decided to try an entirely different approach. At the time, I was involved in a feminine power program that was radically different from the old patriarchal approach to work life. Feminine power isn’t about a “Get Going!” rah-rah programming (which drowns out our intuition), but emanates from tuning into our inner self and trusting our intuition, ideas and inspirational images to lead us. So my husband began listening deeply to his inner self and being receptive to what he heard.

This is where his Invisible Inner Council comes into play. Every morning, he started his day by meditating on these three areas:


This third area is especially significant. Our yearning is the life force energy that calls forth what we most desire. Yet, how many times do we ignore or push away our yearnings because we’ve been disappointed in the past and are afraid they will never happen? Our deepest desires are saying “Pay attention to me, notice what I’m trying to tell you!”
And the key to connecting with your yearning is to know that they don’t reside in the head, but in the body. Somatically, you can feel yearning in your body and as you connect with it, you call it forth into your life.

The body has its own way of knowing, a knowing that has little to do with logic, and much to do with truth, little to do with control, and much to do with acceptance,
little to do with division and analysis and much to do with union. –Marilyn Sewell

After meditating on his intention, level of commitment and desires, my husband invited four souls to be on his council. They were: Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. At each gathering, he would share his intention, commitment and desires then ask each council member to share some feedback. He wrote down what he heard and implemented it that day. When he was done, he expressed gratitude for their ideas, inspiration and support.

The results were—and still are—mind blowing.

Everything in his inner world began to organize around his outer world. Opportunities began arising and they kept rolling in. In fact, after his first life-changing abundant six week period, my husband met with his council.

jobsJobs affirmed, “Great work, this really sets us up for a very profitable new year.”

Buffet buffettwas calm and complimentary and responded, “Hard work and planning truly pays off.”

lincolnLincoln remained silent but nodded his head in approval.

Then finally, Gandhi spoke, “This is good, very good. But we need to take a few moments to appreciate all of this. This success is the result of hard work, inspiration and enthusiasm, yet there were also invisible forces supporting all of us along the way.”gandhi

When my husband first shared this flow of feedback, he had tears of profound gratitude in his eyes. “They feel as real to me in my meditations as you are in front of me right now,” he expressed.

The next time you are ready to create something from your highest intention, strongest commitment and deepest desire, summon your own Invisible Inner Council. Invite a few souls that are you would love to have as your greatest mentors. It doesn’t matter if they are alive or deceased. These invisible forces will be magnetized by your own positive and loving thoughts. Share your ideas, ask them for theirs, implement them as often as possible, then watch your inner and outer worlds organize and align successfully with each other.

And just as importantly, before moving ahead to the next task and goal, take some time to appreciate all of the significant success that you’ve created with your Invisible Inner Council.



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