The Power of Your Night-Time Dreams

Dreams are alive. Rich with symbols, archetypes and metaphoric meaning, dreams are an invaluable healing instrument. When understood, dreams can be a pathway to higher consciousness, healed relationships and understanding your soul’s blueprint.

Dreams possess the power to free you from programmed beliefs, status quo thinking and false personas. They provide ideas, insights and solutions. Edgar Cayce taught, “Dreams work to solve problems of the dreamer’s conscious waking life, and they work to quicken in the dreamer new potentials which are his/hers to claim.”

Dreams cover the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. They emerge from the point of contact between spirit and matter, human and divine, male and female, ego and Self.  Carl Jung calls this point of contact the soul.

2 responses to “The Power of Your Night-Time Dreams

  1. We often catagorize our dreams as “happy” or “unsettling” or “making no sense” or “nightmares” when in essence, our soul is trying to communicate something profound to us for our benefit ~ Great blog post Laura ~ Thank you for the reminders ~

    Thank you also for the warm and inspiring talk you gave at the Wisdom Series in Santa Margarita with Peter Russell on September 20, 2012 ~ Glad it was recorded to share with others ~

    Earth Angel Blessings Always, Sapphire Grace ~

    • Hello Sapphire,

      Knowing what a soulful woman you are, it doesn’t surprise me that you appreciate the power of your night-time dreams. So many times, we’re tempted to disregard them. Taking time to understand our dreams deepens our understanding and wisdom, otherwise lost.

      As always, I value your feedback.

      Sweet dreams to you, my dear.


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