Laura Speaking

Laura Grace has been speaking publicly for over 18 years. Laura is a pragmatic idealist and one of her gifts is taking complex, abstract psycho-spiritual concepts and making them concrete and practical.  She has presented to numerous groups throughout the U.S. and Canada. She excels in the areas of depth psychology, somatic practices, nighttime dreams, spiritual awareness, women in leadership roles, and, the very challenging arena of relationships.

Laura Speaking at the Wisdom Series, September 20, 2012: “The Wisdom of Physics and Your Spiritual Life”

Some testimonials about Laura’s speaking:

Laura Grace is one of the most powerful presenters for large format groups that I’ve ever heard. She speaks with heart and conviction and I always walk away feeling better about my life and the world.”  J.C., Paso Robles, CA

“Laura’s speaks with passion! Her wisdom shines through every presentation I’ve attended.” D. H., San Luis Obispo, CA

“Laura excels at taking lofty spiritual concepts and turning them into practical practices that I can apply into my daily life.” J.R., Detroit, MI

“Every chance I get to hear Laura speak, I’m there…she has a way of taking deep spiritual concepts and making them practical.” S.L.,    Santa Barbara, CA

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