Laura Speaking

Laura Grace, Ph.D.c has been speaking publicly for more than 22 years and her well Opening Remarksresearched presentations provide purposeful meaning, hope and wisdom for both professionals and the general public. Her work is instrumental in recognizing the key factors for developing core resilience during these challenging times. She has presented to numerous groups throughout the U.S. and Canada and excels in the areas of Jungian psychology, women’s issues, somatic practices, nighttime dreams and spiritual awareness. 

Some of Laura’s Presentation Topics Include:

Cultivating Resilience Amidst Environmental Adversity

Cutting Edge Feminine Leadership: Guiding with Compassion and Courage

From Striving to Thriving: Core Resilience During These Times of Great Change and Upheaval

The Feminine and Neuroscience: Why Women Are Hard-Wired to Lead

Nighttime Dreams: An Evolutionary Inner Compass

Sacred Relationships: Embodying the Feminine and Masculine  


Some testimonials about Laura’s speaking:

Laura Grace is one of the most powerful presenters for large format groups that I’ve ever heard. She speaks with heart and conviction…I always walk away feeling better about my life and having more hope for the changes we are facing in this world.”  J.C., Central Coast Women’s Symposium, San Luis Obispo, CA

“Laura’s speaks with passion! Her wisdom shines through every presentation I’ve attended, each one has been extremely memorable.” D. H.,  International Association for the Study of Dreams, Anaheim, CA

“Laura excels at taking lofty spiritual concepts and turning them into practical practices that I can apply into my daily life. She inspires, awakens and provides down-to-earth practices for daily living.” J.R., Renaissance Unity Church, Warren, MI

“Every chance I get to hear Laura speak, I’m there…she has a way of taking deep, challenging concepts and making them practical, she connects with her audience and always reaches people where ever they may be on their journey.” S.L.,  CG Jung Society of Chicago, IL

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