Six Week LIVE Dream Webinar


Dreams: Your Inner GPS for Conscious Evolution

Dates: Tuesdays, Sept 11th-October 16th, 2018. Time: 2-3:30 (PST), 5-6:30pm (EST). (Note: if you are unable to attend a live session, the sessions will be recorded so you may watch it anytime within 30 days of the actual session.) 

In this live, six week webinar you will gain lifelong tools for working with your dreams, leading you to authentic relationship, physical health, emotional well-being and fulfilling life’s work. Whether you are brand new to the potent land of dreamtime, or a seasoned dreamer, this webinar will connect with you your internal compass and guide you to a richer, more alive and awakened life.

  • First Session “How Dreams Transform Your Life and the Numinous Nature of Your Dreams”
  • Second Session “The Seven Steps to Total Dream Recall”
  • Third Session “Common Dream Themes, Decoding the Language of Your Dreams and Active Imagination”
  • Session Four “Who Are These Cast of Characters Showing Up in My Dreams?!”
  • Session Five “The Hidden Power of the Anima, Animus and Shadow”
  • Session Six “Nightmares: Supportive Screams from the Unconscious”

Cost: $119 for all six sessions if registered by August 31st, 2018, or $139 thereafter. To register, please click on this link that will lead you to Eventbrite:

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Laura V.  Grace, Ph.D.c has taught over 200 programs on nighttime dreams and published more than 250 articles including archetypes, the psyche and unconscious. She has facilitated dream groups since 1994 and lectured on dreams throughout the U.S. Her “Dreams for Healing” process examines the power they possess, the distinct “language” of dreams, and guides learners to put their nighttime dreams to work in every are of their lives. Laura is a member of the International Study for the Association of Dreams and writing her dissertation for a doctoral degree in Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Central Coast California. Laura’s newest book is now available on Amazon entitled Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century, A depth psychological and somatic approach to achieving transformation.