About Laura

Rev. Dr. Laura V Grace is an interfaith minister and spiritual director, Jungian counselor and dream expert.  Laura’s background is in interspiritual teachings, depth psychology, and integrative studies. She attended One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York and Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. Laura’s counseling practice is grounded in spiritual awakening, depth psychology and somatic practices. She specializes in soul evolution, relationship issues, women’s spirituality, and significant change-of-life periods. Her focus is in supporting individuals in experiencing conscious contact with the Divine, thereby, fulfilling one’s deepest soul purpose.    

An active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Laura has taught more than two hundred courses on the transforming power of night-time dreams. As an acclaimed speaker and teacher, Laura has been leading workshops for over twenty years. Her interests lie in the areas of spiritual awakwning, women’s leadership, neuroscience, interspirituality, ecopsychology, and nature-based practices and consciousness.

Having authored two books, Laura’s most recent book on nighttime dreams is entitled Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century, A depth psychological and somatic approach to transformation, published by Aeon Books in the U.K.  She has written more than two hundred articles which have been published throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom and is a columnist for SoulfulLiving.com.

Laura Grace Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nighttimedreams/